Swimming Pool & Spa Registration

Department of Public Health


No swimming pool or spa shall be operated in the state without being registered with the department. The owner of a swimming pool or spa or the owner’s designated representative shall register the swimming pool or spa before the swimming pool or spa is first used and shall renew the registration annually on or before April 30 each year. Some exemptions do apply.

Code Citation Iowa Code Chapter 135I, Iowa Administrative Code 641--15

Who Applies These rules apply to swimming pools, spas, wading pools, water slides, wave pools, spray pads, and bathhouses connected to swimming pools owned or operated by local or state government, or commercial interests or private entities including, but not limited to, public or private school corporations, hotels, motels, camps, apartments, condominiums, health clubs and country clubs. These rules do not apply to a residential swimming pool or spa that is permanently installed in a single-family dwelling, to a decorative fountain, or to a therapeutic swimming pool or spa which is under the direct supervision of qualified medical personnel or to a swimming pool or spa operated by a homeowners association representing 72 or fewer dwelling units if certain conditions are met.

When To Apply Before the swimming pool or spa is first used.

Initial Requirements Does not pertain.

Duration 1 year.

Processing Time within 30-days.

Fee Structure $35 per swimming pool, spa, waterslide, wading pool, wave pool, splash/spray pad, etc. Late fees of $25 per registration per month is applied if renewal is received after April 30th.

Renewal Requirements On or before April 30th of each year.

Exam Does not pertain.

Additional Information None.

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