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Most employers going into business for the first time in Iowa are required to register for an unemployment insurance (UI) tax account with Iowa Workforce Development (IWD) UI Tax Bureau by signing into www.myIowaUI.org and completing the registration process. To “Create Account”, click on “New Users/Create ID”.

Code Citation: 871 IAC 22.9(96)

Who Applies: Any individual or organization (partnership, association, trust, estate, joint stock company, insurance company, corporation, LLC etc.) that has or had in its employ one or more persons performing services within Iowa. The owner, officer, or authorized representative is responsible for signing into www.myIowaUI.org and completing the registration process. To “Create Account”, click on “New Users/Create ID”. Improperly classifying employees as independent contractors can result in penalties. Visit https://workforce.iowa.gov/employers/unemployment-insurance/misclassification-and-audit.

When To Apply: The employer must sign into www.myiowaui.org and complete the registration process no later than 30 days following the date the employer began business.

Initial Requirements: Each employing unit is assigned an employer account number. This number should appear on all correspondence and forms submitted by the employer to IWD. Every individual or organization employing workers in Iowa must maintain adequate payroll records showing the names and Social Security numbers of its workers, number of persons employed, the days and calendar weeks during which they worked, and their earnings for periods during which they worked. Employers are required to submit quarterly Employer’s Contribution & Payroll Reports within one month after the end of each quarter to avoid interest and penalty.

Duration: Accounts remain valid as long as employment continues.

Processing Time: Approximately two weeks however times may vary.

Fee Structure: No fee to register. Taxes are due quarterly.

Renewal Requirements: None

Exam: None

Additional Information:

General information: https://workforce.iowa.gov/employers/unemployment-insurance Determine whether your workers are employees or independent contractors: https://workforce.iowa.gov/employers/unemployment-insurance/misclassification-and-audit Frequently asked Questions (FAQ\'s): https://workforce.iowa.gov/employers/unemployment-insurance/myiowaui-faq

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