Sanitary Disposal Project Permit (Landfill)

Department of Natural Resources


Permit to construct and operate landfills for the disposal of nonhazardous residential, commercial, industrial and other solid waste. Each permit specifies the type of materials that the landfill may accept and from whom they may accept them.

Code Citation IAC 567 -100-102, 103, 110, 111, 112, 113, 114, 115

Who Applies All county, municipal, industrial, or private agencies wishing to construct a landfill must obtain a Sanitary Disposal Project Permit from the DNR before construction or operation.

When To Apply An applicant may submit an initial permit request once all appropriate local zoning and siting has been completed. In addition, the applicant must address all design plans and specifications for the type of landfill of which they are applying.

Initial Requirements Applicants for new permits must first obtain city or county site approvals before applying for a DNR permit.

Duration 10 year permits for coal combustion waste. 5 year permits for municipal solid waste. 3 year permits for biosolids, construction and demolition waste, and industrial wastes.

Processing Time Approximately 90 days from the date a complete application is received by the DNR.

Fee Structure None.

Renewal Requirements A complete application must be submitted to the DNR at least 90 days before the anticipated starting date of construction or operation.

Exam Sanitary landfill operators shall be trained, tested, and certified by a department-approved certification program.

Additional Information None.

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