Barge Fleeting Permit

Department of Natural Resources


A Barge Fleeting Permit is required to conduct barge mooring on any public waters under the jurisdiction of the DNR; no permit is required for barges which temporarily occupy waters at a loading or off-loading facility. Barge Fleeting Permits are leases issued to allow barges to occupy a specific area of sovereign, state-owned river bed for periods of time extending more than 24 hours. Permits are required to regulate use of public waters and protect the natural resource.

Code Citation 462.A-461A.4&461A.25

Who Applies Fleet Operators.

When To Apply Approximately nine months prior to fleeting.

Initial Requirements If any permanent structure is placed on sovereign land a Construction Permit is required. This is done by completing a joint DNR/Army Corps of Engineers application form. Also IAC 571-18 Lease agreement would be required.

Duration Not more than five years.

Processing Time Approximately 90 days.

Fee Structure Application Fee: In accordance with the fee schedule set forth under Chapter 571-17 of the Iowa Administrative Code.

Renewal Requirements Does not pertain.

Exam Does not pertain.

Additional Information None.

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