Egg Handlers License

Iowa Department of Ag & Land Stewardship


An egg handlers license authorizes a person (individual or firm) to process, candle, and grade eggs for sale to restaurants, grocery stores, and institutions.

Code Citation Iowa Code chapter 196

Who Applies Any person acting as an egg handler must obtain a license. Producers who sell eggs from their own flocks to consumer customers are exempt from regulation. Other exemptions apply to retailers who obtain eggs from a licensed egg handler and producers who sell eggs to a licensed egg handler.

When To Apply Apply at least 30 days prior to commencing business in Iowa.

Initial Requirements A licensee must have an egg candler and the ability to candle and grade eggs.

Duration License expires two years following the date of issue.

Processing Time Thirty days.

Fee Structure License fee is based upon the total number of eggs purchased or handled during the previous month of April. Fee amount ranges from $44.40 to $675.00.

Renewal Requirements Does not pertain.

Exam Does not pertain.

Additional Information None.

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