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The pig dealer license authorizes an individual to engage in the business of buying for resale or selling or exchanging swine.

Code Citation Iowa Code 163.30

Who Applies Any person buying for resale, selling, or exchanging swine must obtain a Pig Dealer License, not including the owner or operator of a farm who sells or exchanges only those swine which have been kept solely for feeding or breeding purposes.

When To Apply Application must be made and a license issued before operations begin in Iowa. All Dealers subject to inspection (facility and/or records) by the Iowa Department of Agriculture & Land Stewardship.

Initial Requirements The applicant shall submit proof of bond and the bond shall be payable for the use and benefit of any person damaged as a result of a violation. The amount of the bond shall be calculated in the same manner and contain the same condition clauses as required by the U.S. Packers and Stockyards Administration. In addition to the bond required in Iowa Code section 163.30, a feeder pig dealer shall provide the department with evidence of financial responsibility consisting of a surety bond furnished by a surety or an irrevocable letter of credit issued by a financial institution. The evidence of financial responsibility shall be provided to the department before the feeder pig dealer`s license is issued or renewed pursuant to Iowa Code section 163.30. The evidence of additional financial responsibility shall not be for less than $5,000 or for more than $25,000. (IAC 21-66.13)

Duration Licenses are renewed every two years and expire on July 1, after date of issue.

Processing Time 10 days.

Fee Structure License: $5 per year Renewal: $10

Renewal Requirements Does not pertain.

Exam Does not pertain.

Additional Information None.

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