Animal Feeding Operation- Animal Truck Wash Facility Construction Permit

Department of Natural Resources


A permit that identifies the design and construction conditions necessary to comply with state rules relative to the construction of animal truck wash effluent storage structures and the land application of that effluent. This permit only applies to truck washes that wash exclusively livestock trucks and trailers. The facility cannot start construction until the Department of Natural Resources (DNR) issues a permit. Annual testing of the truck wash effluent for certain metals is required. A current Nutrient or Manure Management Plan is required. If a facility washes their own livestock trucks and trailers only and generates less than 60,000 gallons per month of effluent then the facility is a Small Animal Truck Wash and no construction permit is required.

Code Citation IAC 567 – Chapter 65 Division III

Who Applies Animal Truck Wash Facilities who wash livestock trucks and trailers only.

When To Apply New or expanding animal truck wash facilities must apply for a construction permit at least 60 days before the any construction can begin.

Initial Requirements Applicant should check with county and other local authorities to determine if any local requirements apply.

Duration Valid as long as facility is in operation and Nutrient Management Plan (NMP) is kept current.

Processing Time 60 days upon receipt of a complete application.

Fee Structure None.

Renewal Requirements Does not pertain.

Exam Does not pertain.

Additional Information Please contact AFO permitting Engineer or local DNR Field Office with questions.

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