Animal Feeding Operation Construction Permit

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A permit that authorizes construction of animal feeding operation structures and/or manure and runoff controls. Animal feeding operations can be confinements or open lot facilities. A confinement facility with more than 1000 AU (2500 swine finishing hogs or 1000 head of cattle as an example) requires a construction permit. Any size confinement facility utilizing an earthen pond for manure storage requires a construction permit. An open feedlot greater than 1000 head of cattle and who is applying for a NPDES permit will require a construction permit to build runoff controls.

Code Citation IAC 567 – Chapter 65

Who Applies Any confined animal feeding operation (AFO) that is >1000 animal units (AU) after construction or any confinement operation that utilizes an earthen pond for manure storage must obtain a construction permit prior to constructing, installing, or modifying a manure control system for the operation, unless exempted by DNR. Different criteria apply to other animal types. Please see DNR for further information.

When To Apply Sixty days before construction is scheduled to begin.

Initial Requirements The applicant is responsible for determining if proposed site meets the proper siting requirements by going to the DNR Siting Atlas on the DNR website prior to submission of application. The county board of supervisors must be sent a copy of the entire permit application. The applicant should check with county and other authorities to determine if other local requirements apply. Fees based on size of the operation and type of animals housed are required to be submitted to an indemnity fund payable to DNR. This information is contained in the application.

Duration Confinement construction permits must start construction within one year of issuance and be complete within four years of issuance. Open lot construction permits must start construction within one year of issuance and be complete three years from issuance.

Processing Time Approximately 30 to 60 days from the time the Department of Natural Resources (DNR) receive a complete application.

Fee Structure All confinement construction permits require a $250 fee. If a new Manure Management Plan (MMP) is required an additional $250 fee is required. There are also fees based on the new or proposed animals.

Renewal Requirements Does not pertain.

Exam Does not pertain.

Additional Information The DNR website contains complete information in the form of maps, rules, forms, resources, etc., to assist applicant.

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