Resident License (M.D. or D.O.)

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A resident physician license authorizes the licensee to practice as an intern, resident, or fellow while under the supervision of a licensed practitioner of medicine and surgery or osteopathic medicine and surgery in a board-approved resident training program in Iowa. An Iowa resident physician license or an Iowa permanent physician license is required of any resident physician practicing in Iowa.

Code Citation IC 147, 148, and 272C; IAC 653

Who Applies All physicians intending to participate in a board-approved postgraduate training program in Iowa, except those physicians who qualify for other licensure that allows such practice

When To Apply After receipt of a medical degree, prior to beginning postgraduate training in Iowa.

Initial Requirements An applicant must be a graduate of an approved college of osteopathic medicine and surgery. If a physician is a foreign medical graduate, he or she must have a current Educational Commission Foreign Medical Graduate (ECFMG) certificate.

Duration Expires on expected date of completion of the training program as indicated on the licensure application. When the physician leaves the program, the license will immediately become inactive.

Processing Time Approximately 30 days.

Fee Structure Application: $145 Extension: $25

Renewal Requirements Extension application and fee, letter explaining the need for the extension, and a statement from the program director attesting to the new expected date of completion of the program and the individual\’s progress in the program and whether any warnings have been issued, investigations conducted, or disciplinary actions taken, whether by voluntary agreement or formal action.

Exam No exam required for resident licensure.

Additional Information None.

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