Operating Permit by Rule for Small Sources

Department of Natural Resources


This permit is designed for small sources to operate within the conditions compliant with federal and state air quality regulations. Type and quantity of pollutants emitted from the facility are tracked through this permit. Sources that are required to obtain Title V operating permit may instead register for an Operating Permit by Rule for Small Sources if the conditions in IAC 567-22.300 are met.

Code Citation IAC 567 – 22.300

Who Applies Facility owners and operators meeting the conditions in IAC 567 – 22.300. For additional information see requirements listed below.

When To Apply A new facility subject to major source thresholds must submit a complete application within 12 months after the facility begins to operate.

Initial Requirements The following conditions must be met for this permit: a) The potential to emit any regulated air pollutant is equal to or greater than the threshold for a (major source)*. b) The source of actual annual emissions is equal to or less than 50 tons for criteria pollutants, five tons per single hazardous air pollutant (HAP) or 12.5 tons for a combination of HAPs. Sources that have high potential emissions (above the major source category) may qualify for the small source permit if actual emissions are below 50 tons for criteria pollutants (NOx, SOx, CO, PM10, VOC) and 5 tons for a single HAP and 12.5 tons for total HAPs. *A major source, for purposes of a Title V operating permit, is defined as a source that emits or has the potential to emit (calculated by operating the facility 8760 hours per year) 100 tons per year or more of any criteria pollutant or has the potential to emit 10 tons per year or more of any single HAP or 25 tons per year or more of any combination of HAPs.

Duration Life of the facility or until modification of the facility.

Processing Time Approximately 6 months. Registration type permit.

Fee Structure For a complete list of fees, please visit – http://www.iowadnr.gov/aqfees

Renewal Requirements Does not pertain.

Exam Does not pertain.

Additional Information http://www.iowadnr.gov/airoperatingpermits and click on Small Sources

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