Commercial Explosive Contractor and Commercial Explosive Blaster Licenses

Iowa Department of Inspections, Appeals, and Licensing


License for the manufacture, importation, distribution, sale, and commercial or industrial use of explosives. Does not include fireworks or ammunition for small arms primers.

Code Citation Iowa Code Chapter 101A and Administrative Rules Chapter 661-235

Who Applies Any person manufacturing, importing, distributing, selling, or using commercial explosives is required to obtain a license from the State Fire Marshal.

When To Apply Application must be made and a license issued before operations begin in Iowa.

Initial Requirements Formal education is not required to receive a commercial explosives license. License is issued at the state fire marshal\\\\’s discretion to persons of good character and sound judgement who have sufficient knowledge of the use, handling, and storage of explosive materials to protect the public safety. Individual blaster required to have one of the following: – notarized affidavit signed by employer validating a minimum of 640 hours of on the job training experience [or] – proof of training provided by employer or reputable third party showing knowledge of storage, handling, and use of explosives [or] – current and valid blaster license(s) from another state comparable to Iowa requirements.

Duration A license is issued for three years, January 1 to December 31 of the third year. A license may issued during a calendar year for the number of months remaining in that year and the following two years, computed to the first day of the month when the application for the license was approved. The license fee shall be charged on a pro rata basis for the number of months remaining until expiration of the license.

Processing Time 4-8 weeks.

Fee Structure Criminal history records check for each listed responsible person on commercial explosives application and for each individual blaster applying: $35 Commercial Explosive Contractor License Fee: Initial License: $60 (unless prorated) Renewal: $60 Commercial Explosive Blaster License Fee: $60 (unless prorated) Renewal: $60

Renewal Requirements Maintain qualifications for initial license or provide continuing education credits.

Exam Not applicable.

Additional Information Apply online at PDF applications may be found online at

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