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Description: Individual and company licenses. A company employing licensed individuals for installation, upgrading, removal, lining or testing of underground storage tank systems shall be registered as a licensed company. A company shall have its license revoked if it fails to employ at least one licensed individual or if it employs unlicensed individuals to do work requiring a license. Individuals who are not companies as defined in rule 567—134.17(455B) are required to have an individual license only. Certification program for Companies and Individuals who conduct underground storage tank installations, installation inspectors, testers, liners, removers, compliance inspectors and CP Testers.

Code Citation IAC 567, Chapter 134, Part C

Who Applies All persons conducting underground storage tank installations and installation inspections as provided in 567—subparagraph 135.3(1)“e”(2) and installers, installation inspectors, liners, testers, and removers shall be licensed by the department in accordance with Part C of this chapter. Service technicians as defined in rule 567—134.17(455B) are exempt from licensure under Part C of this chapter.

When To Apply 567—134.19 (455B) Applications for licenses shall be submitted on a form provided by the department along with all required supporting documentation. Licenses shall be issued and renewed on a two-year calendar basis. All applicants must be at least 18 years of age. The applicant shall not have been issued a certificate of noncompliance from the child support recovery unit.

Initial Requirements Applicants must submit a Company application and Individual application and pay the $200 Company and $200 Individual registration fee. Must qualify for required years of experience, submit manufacturer certificates, provide proof of initial 40 hour OSHA Hazwoper course, provide proof of required environmental liability insurance, and pass any required Iowa examinations. Prior to the issuance of a license as an installer, installation inspector, remover, liner, tester, or cathodic protection tester, the applicant shall successfully complete a department or department-approved course of instruction and pass a qualification examination approved by the department. a. Examination requirements for all license holders. (1) A passing grade of not less than 85 percent is required on the Iowa examination. (2) Candidates who have failed the examination may not perform work unless supervised by an appropriately licensed individual. All license holders, except cathodic protection testers, are required to complete the course of instruction. Cathodic protection testers are only required to maintain NACE certification, STI cathodic protection certification or equivalent certification approved by the department.

Duration Certificates are valid for 2 years with initial certificates expiring December 31 of each even -numbered year. Renewal occurs every 2 years by January 1 of each odd-numbered year and expires December 31 of each even-numbered year.

Processing Time One to 2 weeks upon meeting all requirements.

Fee Structure 134.19(3) License fees. A $200 fee shall be submitted with a company license application and with an individual license application. Companies and individuals are licensed separately as set forth in subrule 134.19(2). Individuals may apply for multiple individual licenses at once, paying only one $200 processing fee. All fees are nonrefundable. In order to remain valid, the license shall be renewed prior to the expiration date specified on the license. Compliance Inspectors are charged an additional $150 application fee for their initial application in addition to the $200 application fee. Renewal of Compliance Inspector license is $50 thereafter in addition to the $200 renewal application fee.

Renewal Requirements 134.19(7) Continuing education. Each person licensed under Part C of this chapter shall complete a department-approved refresher course every two years, except for licensed cathodic protection testers. Cathodic protection testers shall maintain NACE or STI certification or another certification approved by the department. Beginning with the first application for license renewal, each UST professional shall provide evidence to the department, prior to submission of the application for renewal, that at least 12 credit hours of department-approved continuing education have been satisfactorily completed since the last license was issued or renewed. Must submit a Individual renewal application form and a Company application renewal form and $200 application fee for each. Must submit proof of 8-hour hazwoper training, proof of current environmental liability insurance policy and copies of manufacturer certificates.

Exam Must complete an approved Iowa UST course and pass the Iowa exam before becoming licensed and provide proof of required experience.

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