Electric Generation Certificates

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An electric generation certificate, also known as a certificate of public convenience, use and necessity, is required for any electric generating facility or combination of electric generating facilities with a total capacity of 25 MW or more at a single site.  These certificates are issued by the Iowa Utilities Board (IUB) and must be obtained prior to the construction of such facilities. In determining whether to issue a certificate, the IUB will consider such factors as whether the services and operations resulting from the construction of the facility are consistent with legislative intent and will not be detrimental to the provision of adequate and reliable electric service and will be consistent with reasonable land use and environmental policies and consonant with reasonable utilization of air, land, and water resources, considering available technology and the economics of available alternatives.

Code Citation Iowa Code chapter 476A.

Who Applies Anyone proposing to construct a generation facility that is 25 MW or more at a single site.

When To Apply As application cannot be filed until at least 30 days after a public informational meeting is conducted (if not waived).

Initial Requirements Refer to Iowa Administrative Code 199—24.4.

Duration Does not pertain.

Processing Time Approximately ten months which does not include the precursory public information meeting.

Fee Structure Fees are based on Iowa Utilities Board staff time required for review and processing consistent with Iowa Code 476A.

Renewal Requirements Indefinite.

Exam Does not pertain.

Additional Information None.

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