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Individuals or businesses who manufacture, distribute, or own amusement devices as outlined in Iowa Code sections 99B.51 through 99B.58 must register their devices through the department. Registered amusement devices shall only be located on premises for which a Class \”A,\” Class \”B,\” Class \”C,\” special Class \”C,\” or Class \”D\” liquor control license or a Class \”B\” or Class \”C\” beer permit has been issued, pursuant to Iowa Code Chapter 123. Prizes must be for merchandise only and only up to $50 in value. Devices shall not be designed or adapted to cause the release of free games or portions of games when designated as a potential award for use of the device. Devices shall not be designed or adapted to enable a person using the device to increase the chances of winning free games or portions of games by paying more than is ordinarily required to play the game. The number of total electrical or mechanical amusement devices registered by the department shall not exceed 6,928 statewide. A person may request to be added to the waiting list by contacting the department.

Code Citation Iowa Code sections 99B.51-99B.58; 481 Iowa Administrative Code 104, 105

Who Applies Manufacturers, distributors, and owners of amusement devices as defined by Iowa Code.

When To Apply Amusement devices must be registered prior to use and only if they meet the registration requirements set forth in Iowa Code section 99B.53.

Initial Requirements Each device shall display a registration tag, issued annually.

Duration One year.

Processing Time 30 days.

Fee Structure $2,500 for manufacturer. $5,000 for a distributor. $2,500 for an owner with no more than four devices at a single location. $25 registration tag fee (per device)

Renewal Requirements All distributors and owners must verify all device locations with their annual renewal application. A list of all amusement devices that are registered by the distributor or owner as of the date of the application must be attached to the renewal application, or, the distributor or owner must log in to DIA\’s electronic system to verify the registered amusement devices are in the correct locations as of the date of the renewal application.

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