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License allows individual agents or employees of a pre-need seller to sell pre-need cemetery merchandise, funeral merchandise, funeral services, or a combination thereof to the public. The Insurance Division audits funeral homes and cemeteries to make sure that at least 80% of the money from prearranged funeral sales is in trust, funded by an insurance policy, or items have been properly warehoused. Code Citation Iowa Code chapter 523A Who Applies An employee or agent of a preneed seller must obtain a sales agent license in order to advertise, sell, promote or enter into agreements to furnish, upon the future death of a person, cemetery merchandise, funeral merchandise, funeral services, or a combination thereof. Insurance agents selling insurance to back these sales must also obtain a sales agent license. See Iowa Code 523A.502. When To Apply Contact the Iowa Insurance Division by sending an email to [email protected] to request an account. In the email request provide legal name, home address, phone number, and personal email address. Access will be given to the RIU Filing Portal and the application and background check information can be completed and processed. Initial Requirements None. Duration Annual renewal required. Processing Time One week. Fee Structure Initial Permit: $10 plus $15 for a criminal history request. Renewal: $10 Renewal Requirements Continuing education credits each license term as required by Iowa Administrative Code 191.100.14. The filing of an annual report as required by Iowa Code 523A.502A and Iowa Administrative Code 191.100.15. Exam Does not pertain. Additional Information

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