Accreditation for Nonpublic Schools

Iowa Board of Educational Examiners


All public schools are accredited by the state. All nonpublic schools desiring to become accredited shall meet the requirements of Iowa Code 256.11.

Code Citation IC 256.11

Who Applies Nonpublic schools desiring to be accredited in Iowa.

When To Apply Application for accreditation shall be filed with the director of the Department of Education on or before the first day of the school year preceding the school year for which accreditation is sought.

Initial Requirements Applicants must contact the local fire marshal for inspection. Contact the Department of Education for more information.

Duration For as long as the accreditation status is desired and the education standards are maintained.

Processing Time A minimum of six months. A maximum of one year.

Fee Structure No fees.

Renewal Requirements Does not pertain.

Exam Does not pertain.

Additional Information None.

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